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Benchmark Engitech has been successfully providing its products and services to Indian and global automotive OEMs , Tier 1 suppliers and various industries. A renowned industrial solutions supplier that offers a unique combination of all products like ferrous and non ferrous casting components, cylinder liners and cylinder sleeve, machined turned parts, fabrication , forging components and electromechanical solutions mainly useful by various industries like automobile, tractors, agriculture, pump, valve, marine and general engineering industries, Benchmark Engitech delivers value to all its stakeholders.

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What we offer

High levels of efficiency

At Benchmark Engitech, you can be assured of highest levels of efficiency and reliability. All our equipment for casting, machining and quality control are sourced from the best suppliers and at a very cost-effective rate. Our products are made defect-free and durable by deploying the most superior quality machines to meet the regulatory norms. Thus, you can rely on us when it comes to efficiency.

Tangible results

Benchmark Engitech offers a wide range of parts that can be used by end-customers and get measurable value from such products. We cater to a wide range of various industries like Marine, Industrial, Automotive, refrigeration, compressors, Tractor, Aeronautical and Automobile Business and offer tangible results.

Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to sustainable growth, supply of quality products and exceptional importance to value has been acknowledged by our clientele and under consistent leadership of our industry veterans; we are able to serve the best to our clients. We believe that customer satisfaction is of prime importance in any business and thus we do, all it takes to satisfy our esteemed customers.

Product Applications

Benchmark Engitech supplies components for a wide variety of on-road, off-road, industrial and stationary applications such as: automotive (light duty) and light commercial, trucks (heavy duty), tractors (agricultural), earthmoving and construction machinery, generators, irrigation pumps, and defence / special purpose vehicles.

Automobile Industries

Dry cylinder liners, wet cylinder liners, sleeves and several other products are used in the automobile industries. Automobiles use liners, sleeves and several other products that we manufacture, therefore, we deal with plenty of companies in the automobile sector.

Agricultural Industries

Crankshafts, cylinder liners and some of our other products are used in the tractors, generators, compressors etc.

Commercial Vehicle Components

Cylinder liners as well as cylinder sleeves are used in several engines of the vehicles that are used for the transportation purposes. For example, trucks etc. use cylinder liners. We have partnered with many companies in the transportation sector to provide them with the top-quality cylinder liners and other products.

Mining Industries

Many engines that are used in the mining industry have cylinder liners. We supply good quality, and solid liners to the companies in the marine industry.

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Why Choose Us

  • Our experience over the years makes us capable of justifying our client needs
  • Our technical service expertise is phenomenal
  • Our reach in the aftermarket is also commendable
  • We have a wide market reach which enables us to sell all our products with extreme ease
  • We supply products exactly as per customer specifications and requisite sizes

Quality Certifications

Quality is at the core of Benchmark Engitech. Be it systems, people, process or technology, everything moves in one gear to deliver 100% certified quality for every project and every customer.

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